EnrichHER’s Response to Texas’ Abortion Law

The Texas abortion law is yet another example of how society seeks to govern women’s bodies, control our agency, and limit our ability to determine our destinies. From the right to vote to the right to open a bank account, women have fought for every freedom that many now take for granted.

And we’re still fighting.

It’s no coincidence that abortion bans disproportionately affect women of color and low-income populations. These groups are underserved in our country in almost every way, yet rarely is any “moral conscience” applied to prioritizing their well-being.

But here we are…criminalizing abortion in the name of religious ethics when history has shown us that outlawing abortions creates potentially lethal circumstances for women engaged in unsafe, “back-alley” procedures. Moreover, research shows that women who carry unwanted pregnancies are more likely to live in poverty and their children are less likely to receive sufficient resources for food, housing and transportation.

This is an injustice, and the patriarchy that’s fueling it is the reason why EnrichHER was founded. We exist as an avenue for women to own their economic power and realize their dreams. When women are free to pursue their own financial and education goals, all of society benefits from the skills, ideas and services we bring to the economy.

Rather than dictating women’s reproductive lives, Texas legislators should be addressing the circumstances that create unwanted pregnancies — like poverty, access to healthcare, employment and education. In the meantime, we at EnrichHER will continue to do our part to ensure women have the space to be their best selves.

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About EnrichHER:

EnrichHER is a financial technology platform that matches revenue-generating companies led by women and founders of color to individual and institutional sources of funding. Since 2017, EnrichHER has deployed upwards of $4 million through its platform and matched business-owners to $13 million in working capital through its Accelerator. By providing capital, coaching, and connections, we are fueling the fastest-growing demographic of business owners. Our network has engaged with over 23,000 advocates through its digital community and in-person activations.

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