PayPal is one of those companies that would rather be on the front lines than in the headlines.

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PayPal is one of those companies that would rather be on the front lines than in the headlines.


PayPal’s commitment to new majority businesses is more than a public promise. Last year, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the digital payment company pledged $535 million to support Black and minority-owned businesses and advance racial equity. A portion of those funds went toward a $5 million partnership with EnrichHER to provide loans and financial training to diverse-led businesses across the country. To date, this partnership has enabled 10 companies to receive $100k in funding and participate in our 5-week Accelerator Program.

That is a real impact for hard-working but underinvested entrepreneurs who will now have a chance to not only grow but thrive. This is also a win for PayPal, which operates under the belief that everyone, regardless of background and economic standing, should have access to affordable and convenient financial services. 

EnrichHER makes it easy for funders to live their values and do good in the world with the resources they have. Let us help you find effective ways to match action with intention. Partner with us today!”

Paypal is proud to partner with EnrichHER to provide access to affordable working capital for New Majority-ed companies, and we hope you will apply 


EnrichHER is a financial technology platform that matches revenue-generating companies led by women and founders of color to individual and institutional sources of funding. Since 2017, EnrichHER has deployed upwards of $4 million through its platform and matched business-owners to $13 million in working capital through its Accelerator. By providing capital, coaching, and connections, we are fueling the fastest-growing demographic of business owners. Our network has engaged with over 23,000 advocates through its digital community and in-person activations.

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When Dr. Roshawnna Novellus first learned of the dismal statistics surrounding women-owned businesses and financial lending, she knew there had to be a solution.

After all, raising funds was a skill she'd mastered since high school after securing over $600,00o in college scholarship funds to pay for 11 years of higher education and avoid the student loan debt trap. Her mother, a full-time teacher and serial entrepreneur, had taught her that women should always be in control of their financial power. As Novellus journeyed through her education (she holds a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering from The George Washington University and Master of Science in Information Technology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) and career as a Counter Terrorism Expert, she grew to understand her mother's lesson even more.

Fast-forward to 2010, when Novellus moved to Atlanta and began consulting women-led businesses. It was here that she realized that the number one barrier to growth for women owners is access to capital.

According to national reports, women get approved for business loans at rates about 20 percent lower than the same rates for men. They also receive smaller loans than men, with only 4% of business loan dollars ($1 out of every 23)going to women. Additionally, women of color historically have had an even tougher road in the financial sector. They're often targeted by predatory lending agencies and are the least likely to receive investment funds. Only 0.0006% of venture capital investments between 2009 and 2017 went to Black women.


You are looking for the best available funding options, and we’re here to help. Build your financial savvy and explore funding opportunities that are right for your business.

By completing the Business Financing Accelerator, you are taking the first step toward becoming prequalified for EnrichHER’s flexible and affordable loan programs.

EnrichHER’s five week accelerator programs puts you on the fast-track to funding and gets you access to our network of funders.

Whether you are looking for a loan, need to put together a grant application strategy, or considering taking on venture capital, we help you understand the big picture so you can make the best decision.



  • Operates the business on a day-to-day basis
  • Minimum credit score of 600


  • In operation for at least one (1) year
  • Demonstrated financial ability to repay the loan
  • Has a website or social media presence
  • Clearly defined use for the loan

These individuals have the drive and passion to conquer the world. They have taken the lessons from our Business Accelerator Program and applied those skills to make their businesses thrive and flourish. Take some time to get to know these members of the EnrichHER community.

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