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Want to fund the new face of business ownership and receive up to 5% return on your investment?

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Want to fund the new face of business ownership and receive up to 5% return on your investment?

Dr. Roshawnna’s at a glance

Our Founder's Why

When EnrichHER launched 2 years ago, I was on a mission to make financial resources accessible to underserved business owners everywhere. I’d spent the previous years running a tax and accounting firm and watched countless women of color struggle to attain financing to grow their businesses. These were founders of companies that had a proven track record of success and were generating significant revenue, but were all too often getting denied for loans due to biased lending structures.

Institutionalized Inequity

For decades, gender discrimination was literally written into the laws of the finance industry. Women couldn’t open a bank account until the 1960s or own their own credit card without their husband’s signature until the 1970s.

Still today, diversity among the financial officers who decide who obtains loans is almost non-existent.Women get approved for business loans at rates about 20 percent lower than the same rates for men. They also receive smaller loans than men, with only 4% of business loan dollars ($1 out of every 23) going to women. Furthermore, they are the least likely to receive investment funds.

Women of color face even more financial barriers. The fastest-growing demo of founders, Black women historically lack support in business financing and are often targeted by predatory lenders. Only 0.0006% of venture capital investments between 2009 and 2017 went to Black women.

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Roshawnna's Muse

Growing up, my mother — a full-time teacher and serial entrepreneur — showed me how women have the capacity to do anything. She was well aware of the racism and sexism embedded in our country’s financial system and equipped me against it early by teaching me the basics of money management. She wholeheartedly believed that women should always be in control of their financial power. That wisdom fuels me to this day and is at the core of what we do at EnrichHER.

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The Revolution is Ownership

Business owners are the brokers of goods in the community. They create jobs and influence politics, legislation and trends. As the number of sustainable diverse-led businesses increases, society as a whole will benefit from inclusive job growth as well as products and services that better reflect the needs of the people they serve.

We believe that putting capital in the hands of diverse founders strengthens economies and closes wealth gaps. For society to change, access to funding must change.

 Our vision - 100% of borrowes are women and or POC

Moving Forward

Our vision is to use EnrichHER’s fintech platform of capital, coaching and community to support 100,000 businesses led by women and people of color across the U.S. We also want to make funding those businesses accessible for all kinds of investors, not just the wealthy.

 Our vision - 100% of borrowes are women and or POC

Why Fund EnrichHER Portfolio Companies

With an estimated value of $20.4 trillion and a projection of 9.9% growth that will reach $28.5 trillion by 2025, the lending industry is a wise investment with potential for solid returns. EnrichHER’s focus on New Majority business owners – the nation’s fastest-growing demo of entrepreneurs – ensures a large customer base that’s here to stay. This base consists of qualified, revenue-generating businesses that have proven success in their industry. Our rigorous lending process is designed to minimize risk and ensure that borrowers can support the loan. Even though they’re typically approved for 57.14% more than the amount of funds they apply for, our borrowers are largely conservative and only take funding they need rather than the full amount for which they are approved.

All of the businesses EnrichHER has funded are thriving to this day. Lending through EnrichHER is a win-win for funders seeking a profit while making an impact on society.

How Our Products Differ

EnrichHER, a 100% diverse team led by a black woman, is a reflection of the demographic we serve. It is easy for us to establish trust with our customers. This allows us to maintain a very low cost of customer acquisition and in turn, offer more competitive rates and pricing on our products and services. The main differentiator is our holistic approach to fueling and supporting our customers.

EnrichHER expands the market of who can obtain working capital through creating algorithms that reduce underwriting bias, resulting in a more inclusive and community based approach versus traditional lenders. EnrichHER's unique and proprietary underwriting model leverages financial attributes, marketing analytics, and quantitative and qualitative elements extracted from community participation. This allows our customers to grow their business while getting all the money that they want and need, and retain full ownership of their success, without having to put up collateral.

All borrowers are asked to complete our financial training programs to ensure they are optimizing usage of any funds received. These training programs are created and tailored specifically with our target demographic in mind and presented with various learning styles. It provides one-on-one support, peer-support, and more personalized interactions. Participants gain practical tools to access grants, loans, venture capitalists and other untapped sources of funding. Participants gain access to a community of support from like-minded entrepreneurs. As a result of this model, we have a 0% default rate on our loans and we can happily report that all participating businesses are still open and thriving.

EnrichHER provides networking opportunities to facilitate founders with access to resources and tools to better their businesses. Our in-person and virtual events bring together beneficial content, speakers, and opportunities to learn from each other. Any in-person activation we have hosted has sold out.

partners employees

Part of our success model includes support through our various trusted partners. EnrichHER has teamed up with other trusted names, such as Hello Alice, Logitech, PayPal, and Women 2.0, to promote our products and services. Hearing from a trusted source adds credibility and makes us stand out even more.

Our Impact

  • 98,000 people have participated with EnrichHER digitally
  • 880 businesses joined our tech-enabled digital platform
  • 497 funders have capitalized New Majority business owners through the platform
  • We bring together a network of successful New Majority-led businesses and accelerate their growth in order to cultivate a thriving ecosystem of flourishing companies that are empowered by financing and a supportive community.

    Measures of Impact

    Barbara Jones, founder of Lillii RNB, is on a mission to make inventory management easy for retailers and generate higher revenue. Her innovative software makes it easy to manage merchandise returns, track inventory, prevent loss, and protect against cybersecurity threats. She received 3 loans from EnrichHER and enrolled in the Accelerator Program. The funding she received from EnrichHER allowed her to hire two additional employees. Those employees each generated $250,000 in revenue that year resulting in $500,000 in revenue that kept the company in business.

    Measures of Impact

    Calvin Williams, Jr. created Freeman Capital to close the wealth gap by providing financial planning and wealth management at the price of a Netflix subscription. Through EnrichHER's platform, Williams can access funding to scale and help millions of people build generational wealth. Freeman Capital received a loan from EnrichHER that went toward efforts to increase their active paid users, create more distribution and marketing partnerships and launch an app of their services.

    Measures of Impact

    18.21 Bitters co-founders Kristin Koefod and Missy Koefod are disrupting the food and beverage industry with their handcrafted coctail bitters, tinctures, shrubs, ginger beer and syrups. 18.21 Bitters was matched to funders through our Portfolio Builder Program, which helps new funders diversify their portfolio and fund underrepresented founders. The Koefods received 2 loans from EnrichHER, which enabled them to meet both the current demand for their products and expand their production and distribution significantly.

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