How EnrichHER makes investing easy

EnrichHER saves you precious time

We offer pre-screened companies that have been in operation for at least a year. EnrichHER does not admit early-stage startups.

We give investors an easy way to pool their funds with other investors and leverage the power of the many. No matter the size of your investment, EnrichHER allows your money to have a larger impact because it will be part of a collective, rather than a standalone investment.

There is no expiration date for a free account. Take your time.

When you are ready to invest, donate, or loan capital to EnrichHER‘s pool of companies, it costs $497 to join EnrichHER.

After you pay the membership fee, the minimum amount that a member may invest or loan is $1,000. Our minimum donation is $250. We have no cap on the size of your investment, donation, or loan.

If you choose to submit a loan, we offer all lenders a 5% annual ROI.

If you need a refresher, we offer training courses on investment thesis, rubric, and diversification to ensure that all your key questions are answered before and after you allocate your money.

EnrichHER puts underinvested companies first

We focus on women founders & CEOs whose businesses have already proven their viability. Most have at least $150K in revenue. They have to be a minimum of one year old, but most of them are at least two years old. 

Women, Black, and POC founders are grossly underfunded by the investing community and traditional banks. EnrichHER offers a solution for both professional investors and armchair funders to help change that.

We only recruit CEOs whose track records demonstrate that they are leaders in their field, with the intellect, management skills, and resilience to overcome obstacles.

Each business listed on EnrichHER is part of the growing wave of New Majority entrepreneurs. These businesses are pillars in their communities. They wield both local economic power and national economic power as their ranks grow.

EnrichHER is building a community of small business CEOs

Admission to EnrichHER is extremely competitive. We received 3,000 applications within the first six months of launching in 2019. We invested $3M in 71 companies in 2019 (about a 2.3 percent acceptance rate). We have chosen seven companies to participate in our new EnrichHER Accelerator + Funder Matching Program in 2020.

EnrichHER Society, our private social network for business owners, has more than 1,000 member companies, all of which have women in leadership positions.

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