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Protecting Your Energy From Head to Toe: MJB Holistic Hair Care

Innovative methods of treating hair loss has risen to restore not only hair, but the esteem of millions of women around the world. MJB Holistic Hair Care was founded over 15 years ago with countless women who suffer from the woes of hair loss in mind. Several individuals that were confident and secure, became devastated by the overwhelming loss of their full head of hair. MJB Holistic Hair Care was able to develop a restorative product by not only addressing external problems but through the use of innovative medical studies, they are also able to impact the root cause of hair loss internally. Founder Myesha JB from MJB Holistic Hair Care sat down in a recent interview with EnrichHER to give us more insight about the company.

MJB Holistic Hair Care Founder, Myesha JB

MJB Holistic Hair Care Founder, Myesha JB

EnrichHER: Why did you start your company and why are you passionate about hair?

MJB Holistic Hair Care: I began to do hair over 15 years ago; and within that time, I’ve had countless women confide in me with an array of topics. However, I found that the number one issue with my clients was hair loss. Many of these individuals suffered from low self-esteem, depression and other insecurities based on the loss of their full head of hair. The causation for hair loss varied from stress, hormonal imbalances to fibroids; but one truth remained constant, these women were being robbed of living vibrant productive lives due to hair loss and this saddened me.

EnrichHER: How were you able to flip this passion into a real business with employees?

MJB Holistic Hair Care: I always had a knack to make a woman look beautiful externally but many of the issues that plagued my clients were internal. I became well versed in Trichology which is a branch of medical and cosmetic studies as it relates to the scalp and hair loss. My studies lead me down a new direction that resulted in the creation of specialized products to treat hair loss. After I created a full line of products that helped restore healthy hair to the heads of my clients; business exploded. I was ecstatic to see the influx of customers but I was more elated to help people grow healthy hair and rebuild their confidence.

EnrichHER: What is your unique perspective on being a business owner what 3 lessons where you faced with and had to overcome to be able to thrive in your industry?

MJB Holistic Hair Care: One of the most crucial lessons I’ve learned is not to take anything personally. Hair professionals are hired for a shop however sometimes you may have employed someone that comes in with drama and negative energy, you have to know when and be willing to prune your shop by firing the negative energy. The process of keeping the environment productive cannot be taken personal. I’ve also learned to keep my own energy healthy and positive so that it is easy to motivate my staff. Finally, one must be willing and able to adjust quickly to change to keep up with demand of the customers. Having the ability to adapt not only your attitude but inventory is important. Essentially, I’ve learned to make sure that the needs and desires of the customer is always at the forefront of your business and the products you create.

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