How I stepped out of my comfort zone to build EnrichHER

When each of us decides to be an entrepreneur, we decide to navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship daily. Many times to continue to grow, we have to reach outside of our comfort zone. Below you’ll find ways that I’ve ventured out of my comfort zone to grow.

By Roshawnna Novellus, Founder & CEO at EnrichHER

Learning to Ask For Help

Asking for help was extremely difficult for me. I thought that since I had so much capability and so many skill sets, that I could power through the difficult times on my own. In fact, asking for help sometimes made me feel like I wasn’t enough. I had to learn that this wasn’t true.On the contrary, what is true is that my network was filled with supporters who could help me through contacts, physical work, and financial backing. This help enabled me to accomplish my goals faster and with more support. I believe the only reason that we’ve achieved what we have with EnrichHER is based on recognizing the importance of asking others for help.

Learning to be a Better Manager

Even before I decided to become an entrepreneur, I managed teams of people. But, I was limited in that I often hired people with the same personality; introverted engineers can be very similar in the fact that we love to execute in solitude. But, when I moved into a small business, I learned that you need a combination of creatives, salespeople, and operational people to be successful. Having a multi-dimensional team typically means that people have different personalities, different work environments that enhance their job performance, and varied human interaction preferences.

Based on this, I had to ask myself if I wanted a team that was happy and effective, or if I wanted it my way. Clearly, I chose a happy and effective team. Based on this, I started having regular 1-on-1 meetings with each person on my team,  having all hands team meetings once per week, and leveraging funny check-in questions during these all-hands meetings to create an atmosphere of sharing and openness. By doing this, I felt like I had less time to execute directly, but my team felt way more empowered. Since we all know it takes teamwork to make the dream work, this process, while difficult for me, allowed me to have a cohesive, emotionally engaged team that is on the same page for our growth and success.

Learning to be Radically Candid

Being radically candid in my conversation is my current goal. This process enables all parties to know where you stand instead of always giving people chances without them knowing if they disappoint me or frustrate me. For example, previously, when I felt like a team member was sub-par, I would give them recommendations to improve without telling them their work wasn’t good enough. As a result, when I gave them official reviews, they were shocked at their low scores. I’ve learned that not being radically candid, prevents growth, trust, and change. Furthermore, it enables more clear dialogue to take place.

By stepping out of my comfort zone, I have been able to live my dream by doing what I want to do every day. Furthermore, I’ve surrounded myself with a team of brilliant, happy, and understanding people who have

— Published on March 19, 2020 on Thrive Global

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