Funding the future of business and fast-tracking new majority founders.


This could be a catchy tagline from the company website.

TLTsolutions empowers people to create wealth by opening the door to real estate investing for aspiring investors like you.

  • Assets under management (AUM) - additional 3 per year

  • Revenue Growth Rate: 50%


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Tracy L. Prigmore is the Founder of TLTsolutions, a real estate investment and development firm that provides unparalleled access and insight to alternative investments. Her mission is to empower people to build generational wealth. Through TLTsolutions, Prigmore creates opportunities for individuals, families and entities to obtain passive income by investing in residential, multifamily and hospitality projects.

Currently, TLTsolutions has a multi-million dollar portfolio of real estate assets under management in four states. With the firm’s launch of its first fund focused on hotel properties, TLTsolutions is actively pursuing acquisitions that will more than double its portfolio.

As the sponsor for real estate investments, Prigmore works with property management to maximize the value of each asset. She has an exceptional track record of bringing real estate ventures to life and maximizing their financial performance through sound asset management, as well as disciplined investment and renovation strategies.

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