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Freeman Capital helps customers close the wealth gap by providing wealth management for the price of a Netflix subscription.


  • MRR Increase: 20%
  • Monthly growth in education members: 85%
  • ARPU of $387.25 vs. ACPU of $36.73

Founder Story

Freeman Capital helps customers close the wealth gap by providing wealth management for the price of a Netflix subscription. It provides financial planning, investment management, and insurance at scale. Research shows that people with a financial plan have double the wealth of those without a plan. Freeman serves customers who are first-time investors and first-generation investors.

“I thought I was doing well when I bought my first house at 20 and exited my first business at 27,” says founder and CEO Calvin Williams, Jr. “However, when I spoke with a wealth manager who told me that I didn’t have enough to ‘qualify’ for his services, I knew that something was wrong with this industry and I had to fix it.”

Williams, who graduated from NC A&T State University with a computer science degree, created a company that leverages a mix of artificial intelligence and knowledgeable human traders to break down barriers for people who are ready to invest. As the only B2C, automated wealth management platform offering investments in currency and forex starting at $1,000, Freeman Capital actively manages investments different from cookie-cutter stocks, bonds, and ETF portfolios.

“The most exciting part is hearing from customers,” Williams says. “You can literally hear it in their voice or read it in their messages, the excitement that someone built a way for them to build generational wealth. It is so energizing and motivating.”

Williams completed programs at Google for Startups, Black Founder’s Exchange, Ascend2020 Accelerator in Atlanta, and City Startup Lab in Charlotte. Freeman Capital won an NC Idea Seed Grant in 2018 and the first NC Crowdfunding Grant by NC Idea in 2019. They also participated in the 2018 Capital Connects Venture event, sponsored by the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce.

Freeman Capital currently offers financial advice plans ranging from free to $97 per month. Customers may cancel their accounts at any time, and there is no cancellation fee.

Freeman offers a suite of wealth management services at a low monthly cost. Customers receive access to Certified Financial Planners, investment management, insurance advice, and Freeman’s financial education content for less than $1 per day. An astounding 83% of Freeman Capital’s active users have experienced an increase in net worth since joining the platform.

Williams says, “My favorite part is seeing a vision that was just a thought in my head turn into a reality that can meet people’s needs, change their lives, and put food on their table.”

Before starting Freeman Capital, Williams started XMG Online during college and built web applications for numerous clients for more than nine years.

Williams was a member of the City of Greensboro Planning Board. He enjoys spending time with his wife and son. He is an avid reader, enjoys traveling, and snowboarding and is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

“EnrichHER is a movement by itself,” says Williams. “It is not only shining the light on a major problem but bringing the resources to solve it. This is the exact type of community that I always wanted to be in.”

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Founded in 2015

Based in Charlotte, NC


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