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Braids By Bee, Inc.

This could be a catchy tagline from the company website.

Braids by Bee has the best braid styles in South Florida. We do it all: loc repair, natural dreadlocks, dread extensions, custom Instantlocs, and more!


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Benite Corion is the founder and Ceo of Braids By Bee, Inc. She began braiding and twisting dreadlocks for her friends and family for free and discovered early on that she had a talent for understanding others’ visions of their own natural beauty and how to help them realize it.

Braids By Bee Inc. Beauty Salon is a place that combines beautification, education, and inspiration, all the while motivating the clients to maintain their hair growth and health. It is like no other beauty salon; the techniques for revitalizing dreadlocks that Benite uses are unique in the beauty industry. She invented her own type of Dreadlock Extensions called InstantLoc Dread Extensions. This hair solution, which allows those with thin or damaged hair to get permanent dreadlock extensions, brings clients in from all around the world.

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