EnrichHER Accelerator + Portfolio Funding Matching Program Participants

In 2020, EnrichHER launched its Accelerator + Portfolio Match program, galvanizing $375,000 in funding for 7 companies

The purpose of our unique EnrichHER Accelerator + Portfolio Match Program is to help businesses achieve their next-level goals. The companies in the first cohort generated between $150 thousand and $4 Million in revenue for 2019, and on average, have been in business for three years.

The EnrichHER Accelerator + Portfolio Match Program gives each cohort participant two types of funding: initial business financing from EnrichHER Capital and Community Capital at the end of the campaign. Two checks, one program. Additionally, we offer small business leaders mentorship from their cohort peers, on-demand coaching, and much-needed capital to scale. Unlike a traditional, three-month accelerator program, the EnrichHER Accelerator + Portfolio Match Program showcases the entire cohort of companies for one month within the Portfolio Match program. Afterward, EnrichHER maintains a relationship with each company as it grows.

Over 35 companies underwent Business Financing Accelerator and learned how to raise funding. These businesses are thriving, you could be one them. Sign up now!

Benefits of the Program

EnrichHER Society

Everything in the EnrichHER Society Membership

Business Financing Accelerator

5-Week intensive masterclass on how to raise $100,000 by working 4 hours a week

Marketing Campaign

30-Day marketing campaign featuring your business

EnrichHER Capital

Your company featured on EnrichHER Capital platform

Portfolio Match Program

Access to funding through the Community Portfolio Match Program (Average Company in 1st cohort received $53K)

Business Funding

Consideration for EnrichHER $10k Business Loan

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