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Do We Get What We Deserve or What We Believe?

My Saturday mornings began to change as I started pondering this quote at the age of 10. My infamous 5th-grade teacher would consistently remind me that “A mind was a terrible thing to waste” whenever I would challenge the status quo. This quote was misused by an “educator” in attempts to get me to follow authority blindly.

For example, after reading the declaration of independence. I decided not to stand for the pledge of allegiance because I felt the song was incredibly offensive and an oxymoron considering there was no justice for all during slavery or after it. It is common knowledge that slavery is a brutal and unjust practice, so why would anyone salute a song that cherishes this treatment of my ancestors? My resistance to standing resulted in my journey to the principal’s office. When I had to explain myself, I frankly told my mom and the principal that forcing me to stand was a violation of my constitutional rights. After weeks of battling with the school administration, the board decided in my favor and, I was able to remain seated.

I will admit that I am naturally rebellious, and my love for reading takes me places; allows me to experience world revolutions, visit foreign lands and connect emotionally to various characters. Little did I know I was planting seeds of courage, wisdom, and ambition into my soul. My mind was evolving, I became a problem solver, a critical thinker.

Then suddenly an aha moment!! All heroes, visionaries, leaders, world changers, artists all share one common denominator. They never got what they deserved; they got what they believed or better said they accomplished the impossible by their unwavering faith &internal belief system. This is true no matter their circumstances or walk of life. It also applied to every arena. Harriet Tubman, born a slave but was fighting for freedom and freed a thousand plus slaves in a desolate underground railroad!? Or the poor little black girl from Mississippi who was abused, abandoned, rejected but still became the number one talk show host and billionaire better known as Oprah Winfrey.

Additionally, in 2017 when Dr. Roshawnna Novellus founded EnrichHER. The only debt-based crowdfunding lending platform. That was created using algorithms to pull back the many layers of biased/racial lending practices used as a weapon of economic mass destruction to disenfranchise and discriminate against women and minorities.

All in attempts to keep the working-class poor. Hard work alone does not create financial freedom. Having access to capital, connections, technology, and the right mentors open the door to financial freedom. EnrichHER emerged as a solution to this problem.Image for post

I became a part of the Enricher team due to this mission. I also joined to change the world you have to do so by believing in the impossible and never allowing society to tell you what you deserve in life. Be your own advocate and turn your dreams into reality by believing in yourself and creating the changes you want to see in this world. Be bold, be brave, and take action!!

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