EnrichHER funds small businesses with women leaders

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We specialize in underinvested founders

EnrichHER offers funders the best selection of vetted investment opportunities in companies that have women in leadership roles. Our New Majority founders come from diverse racial and economic backgrounds.

The purpose of our unique, one-month EnrichHER Accelerator + Funder Matching Program is to help businesses achieve their next-level goals. The companies in the current EnrichHER Accelerator + Funder Matching Program generated between $150 thousand and $4 Million in revenue for 2019, and on average, have been in business for three years.

EnrichHER Accelerator + Funder Matching Program gives each cohort participant two types of funding: initial business financing from EnrichHER Capital and Community Capital at the end of the campaign. Two checks, one program. Additionally, we offer small business leaders mentorship from their cohort peers, on-demand coaching, and much-needed capital to scale. Unlike a traditional, three-month incubator program, EnrichHER Accelerator + Funder Matching Program showcases the entire cohort of companies for one month. Afterward, EnrichHER maintains a relationship with each company as it grows, long after it has graduated from the EnrichHER Accelerator + Funder Matching Program.

Let us do the vetting for you

Your time is precious

We highlight vetted companies that have been in operation for at least a year. Most have at least $150K in revenue. Some have more than $10M in yearly revenue. EnrichHER does not admit early-stage startups.

Putting underinvested leadership teams first

We fund businesses with women founders, women CEOs, or women in prominent leadership positions. Male founders & CEOs are welcome to apply, as long as their company meets this criteria.

Building a community of visionaries

Each EnrichHER cohort is extremely competitive. We received 3,000 applications within the first six months of launching in 2019. We invested $3M in 71 companies in 2019 (a 2.3% acceptance rate). We have chosen seven companies to kick off our new, one-month-long EnrichHER Accelerator + Funder Matching Program in 2020.

Women-led companies we funded

What our customers say

EnrichHER initiative was the biggest stepping stone for me. It helped me be honest about what my dreams are. The women at EnrichHER are inspiration themselves and gave me an extra boost of confidence.
Marissa Swanson, CEO of Toss
I went to the platform and I applied in less than 15 minutes. We were able to increase our inventory and have a line of credit for emergencies.
Monique Hogan, CEO of Hogan Events Group
I’m so grateful for the countless opportunities EnrichHER has given me. I’m proud to be a part of this society of women helping to lift each other up to live big and dream even bigger
Gwen Taylor, Founder of Wind and Soul Eco-Lodge
EnrichHER has applied the helpful nudge I needed in my business. Their business resilience is contagious and I thank them for spreading it.
Paula Bland, Founder of The Love of People

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EnrichHER Capital offers 3 types of funding: grants, loans, and equity. Funders receive a 5% fixed interest rate when they invest via loans in our EnrichHER Accelerator + Funder Matching Program.

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